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Оновлено 11:42 AM, трав. 25, 2021

"This pain is living in me": commemorating victims of the Roma Genocide in Babi Yar (photo, video)

People of different nationalities of different ages and professions came to the International Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day on August 2 to commemorate the Roma who were tortured in the beginning of the Second World War. The musical poetic composition "Babi Yar. Let's live, Roma!” was presented by Roma Academic Music and Drama Theater "Romance".

Different does not mean worse! Lyceum students and pupils were told about discrimination and stereotypes

Two legal lessons were held for adolescents by lawyers and volunteers from Cherkasy NGO "Law Center". Now, the students of the Cherkasy Physics and Mathematics Lyceum and the Smila Boarding School know about discrimination, in particular against the Roma minority, how to recognize and prevent manifestations of hostile attitude towards people on the grounds of "being different".

Murder in Vilshany: impunity of perpetrators can lead to systematic harassment of Roma

The tragedy in the village of Vilshany of the Kharkiv region, where the Roma were killed, gave rise to a press briefing on May 26 at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. Human rights activists and a representative of the Ombudsman talk about the systematic manifestations of xenophobia, the inaction of the authorities and urge the National Police to investigate hate crimes.

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