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How ATO participants can receive housing (+ infographics)

Today the housing issue is quite acute for many ATO participants. Soldiers often turn to the lawyers of Legal Development Network offices with a request to clarify whether they can afford housing, how to improve their living conditions, where to go and what they need to do.

Ivan Drozd* addressed Severodonetsk Office of the Network under the Civil Society Platform with the similar problem. He told that he had just returned from ATO zone and wanted to get housing. He wondered if he could be in a queue not at the address where he was registered, but in the place where he actually resides.

The lawyer of the office Serhii Boldar explained that in accordance with Clause 14 of Art. 12 of the Law of Ukraine "On Veterans of War" participants in combat operations (Articles 5, 6) are granted the following privileges: primary provision of living space for people who need improvement of living conditions, and priority allocation of land for individual housing construction, horticulture and gardening, primary repair of residential houses and apartments of these persons and provision of their fuel.

Consequently, the ATO participant can receive housing in case, if he/she:

  • Is provided with living space below the established level;
  • Lives in a room that does not meet the established sanitary and technical requirements;
  • Suffers from severe forms of some chronic diseases, in connection with which he cannot live in a communal apartment or in one room with members of his family;
  • Resides under the contract of the sublease of a dwelling in buildings of a state or public housing fund or under a contract of renting a dwelling in houses of housing construction cooperatives;
  • Lives under a contract of a sublease of a dwelling in buildings of a state or public housing fund or under a contract of renting a dwelling in houses of housing construction cooperatives (residing in a dormitory).

To become an apartment registrar, one should contact:

  1. At the place of residence: the executive committee of the district, city, district in the city, settlement, village council of people's deputies.
  2. At the place of work: enterprises, institutions, organizations the ATO participant works in, which conduct residential construction or take part in housing construction.
  3. The housing commission of the military unit - for contract servicemen and members of their families.
  4. NB! Apartment registration is only possible at the place of registration.


Infographics courtesy of osbb.jkg-portal.com.ua


Infographics courtesy of osbb.jkg-portal.com.ua

When all documents are submitted, one should wait for the decision of the relevant department. This person must be notified in writing. In case of a positive decision, the letter should include: date of registration, type and number of turns. If one is refused – the reason must be specified.

Then one has to wait for his/her turn and get a living space. If a person has not received a home, according to Article 481 of the Housing Code of Ukraine, he/she has the right to monetary compensation, the amount of which is set by the Cabinet.

*The name has been changed for ethical reasons.

P.S. Offices of Legal Development Network are created and work with the financial support of Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space website.


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