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Оновлено 10:08 AM, лист. 24, 2017
Odessa: IDPs "gave light" to disabled people and ATO combatants
A piece of warmth together with candles was brought by the participants of the master class to residents of Andreevo-Ivanovo nursing home in Odessa region.Photo by CF "The Planet of Good People"
A piece of warmth together with candles was brought by the participants of the master class to residents of Andreevo-Ivanovo nursing home in Odessa region.

Participants of the action "Closing the circle" made with their own hands three symbolic candles. At the end of February the event was held by Odessa CF "The Planet of Good People". Addressees of works of adult and young IDPs were quite different people and even the authors themselves. 

“The first candle is for oneself: to light it in a difficult life moment, to remember the day of its creation and to feel a piece of warmth, acceptance and understanding. The second is for a loved one with a piece of your warmth and love. And the third is for the one who right now needs the warmth, love and attention”, the volunteer Tatiana Osetian told.

On the first day of the project the organizers held two master classes on making candles.

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IDPs from ATO zone who are now living in Odessa were invited to participate. The event was attended by craftsmen of different ages, so the master class gathered adults, students and very young masters.

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The participants did not only work, but in a friendly circle discussed the needs of each person - how they differ, what is similar about them.

Recipients of "warm and bright" gifts were chosen by the participants themselves. By vote there were selected six persons: ATO soldiers in the hospital and at the front, representatives of the St. Aleksey Church and the Revival Church in Odessa, residents of the nursing home in Odessa region and the Red Cross. Representatives who were supposed to deliver candles and letters from the project participants to addressees were chosen as well.

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Each candle is unique. Photo by CF "The Planet of Good People".

In connection with the situation in Eastern Ukraine there are a lot of people in Odessa who migrated from Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Mostly women with children. They were all trying to settle in, find a job, friends, new home. All this is not easy - these people suffered enormous stress and many of them still need help.

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All participants in full. Photo by CF "The Planet of Good People".

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A bit later the action participants brought candles to ATO soldiers in Odessa hospital. Photo by CF "The Planet of Good People".

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Handmade candles and handed over to ATO soldiers. Photo by CF "The Planet of Good People".

The event was held within the project "Closing the Circle" with the financial support of UNDP in Ukraine and the Government of Japan.


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