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Officers pursued ambulance
  • Written by Iryna Ukhvarina, Vgory newspaper
  • Published in  Video
Natalia Repina and Volodymyr Orlovsky Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
Natalia Repina and Volodymyr Orlovsky

Last Tuesday evening, on October 27, the management of military unit tried to kidnap a soldier from an ambulance, who got a shock – "to hush up" an accident.

Resident of Kherson Natalia Repina told that her son Nikita was in the emergency department and the command of the unit where he serves demands to discharge him from hospital. Therefore, she came for legal aid to the Community Law Center of Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation.

Nikita wanted very much to serve in the army as his elder brother, so he went to a military registration and enlistment office. He was sent to the military unit A 0981 in the village of Lesnoye of the Oleksandrivsky district in Kirovograd region. Last week, on October 19, by order of the commander Nikita was digging a trench. He had to work with a scrap - the dried-up earth appeared firmer than granite. When he once again struck on the stony soil, sparks flew, his palms smoked and the guy fainted. It turned out that he was ordered to dig the place where there was the 380 Volt cable.

Nikita's workmate called for help, but the ensign simply advised "to lie on stools to recover". And then he delivered the guy on duty. Almost having fainted, Nikita reached the first-aid post where he spent three days with a fever. But his condition did not improve. Then the fighter was taken to Oleksandrivsky regional hospital. He was immediately brought to the emergency department.

“We were lucky with doctors”, the fighter's mother told. “The command at first tried to take the son back to the unit, stated that he had eaten the soap to be foaming at the mouth, taken iodine to have a fever. And they "will cure at once and teach to love the Homeland ". The doctor refused flatly, then the command began to say that the guy was mentally sick, and had got not a shock, but usual cold. But doctors refused to forge the diagnosis. Then officers started threatening. Doctors called investigators of regional department of militia who recorded the facts. They also invited a psychiatrist who confirmed the guy being mentally healthy”.

To specify circumstances lawyer of the Center Volodymyr Orlovsky called the doctor, Oleksandrivsky regional department of militia and prosecutor's office. It appeared that the facts about which Nikita's mother told are confirmed. However, there is no decision on the beginning of investigation yet, despite the requirement of the law that he was to be accepted in 24 hours after reporting on a crime.

While the lawyer continued to advise Natalya Repina, the doctor called her and reported that the unit officers again arrived and demanded to give Nikita out. They were refused and the ambulance brought the guy to Vinnytsia hospital. The officers pursued the ambulance from Oleksandrivka to Kirovograd, pushed the car to the roadside, demanding to stop. The anesthesiologist who accompanied the patient reported about it.

Volodymyr Orlovskiy advised mother to address immediately the hotline of the Military Service of Law and Order (044-454-73-08). An employee of the service promised to make investigation, send officers to the military hospital in Vinnytsia and to provide the written answer.

Events about which Natalia Repina told, give the grounds to consider that it deals with human rights violation. Therefore, we will support this case”, Volodymyr Orlovskiy commented, - and now it is necessary to achieve effective investigation, punishment of the guilty and indemnification”.

We will report about developments.

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Video by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC “Legal Space”

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