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updated 3:13 PM EET, Oct 29, 2018

Bad roads perturb residents of Luhansk oblast more than the relations with officials and military

In June, 2015 the Stakhanivsky Community Law Center at NGO “Vybor” conducted the sociological research “Problems of Communities in Starobilsky District” in the city of Starobilsk in Luhansk oblast and surrounding villages. Inhabitant of both the city and district recognized the transport and communication problems to be the most acute. In the list of acute enough issues there is also a problem communication with military personnel.

One for five: grandmother becomes legal guardian of five grandchildren

Starobilsk Community Law Center helped a grandmother to become legal guardian of her five grandchildren and obtain social benefits for the family. Children are from the armed conflict zone and know already too much about war, treason and death. They were happy to get support and care from their grandmother, the only relative who was ready to give them shelter.

Community Law Centers’ lawyers are helping IDPs to get a job in Luhansk region

Novoaidar Community Law Center is not only providing free legal aid but also offers different kind of services. For example, the Center is also helping IDPs from occupied territories to get a job and obtain relevant legal information about their rights as employees. 17 people have already been employed with the help of Community Law Center. Local people are also coming for advice and receive help.

Everybody helped two orphaned girls

Lysychansk Community Law Center provided not only legal aid to girls, IDPs from Luhansk. The Center coordinated its actions with social services, and students received housing, clothes, food and jobs.

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