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updated 11:42 AM EEST, May 25, 2021
The Southern Border

In spring 2014 Russian Federation has invaded the territory of Ukraine and annexed the Crimean peninsula

In the East of the Country, Russian Federation has levied an undeclared war on Ukraine. At that time, the Ukrainian army was practically destroyed by the pro-Russian regime which was propagated in Ukraine by a neighbor state. Since the first days of Russian aggression volunteers and social activists have started the movement for restoring Ukrainian army. They raise the money, foods and clothes to provide soldiers with everything necessary.

The situation in the South of Ukraine, in Kherson region, is very intense because there is still a threat of Russian invasion from Crimea. Kherson Centre of Military Aid units many activists who work persistently and tirelessly for the victory. The filmmakers set out for a journey together with Natalya who carries necessary things for the soldiers who protect the southern border of the country.


Sergiy Lysenko – director

Andriy Lisetsky – cameraman

Borys Peter – sound director

Natalya Bimbirayte – executive producer, project manager

Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation and International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA.

The film is created with the support of International Renaissance Foundation and International Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.


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