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Heirs were late “a bit”, registering inheritance in 25 years

Two brothers inherited the house from the mother, but the notary refused them in registering the inheritance, because they did not have documents for the house. Brothers did not want to spend time and money on the production of title documents. The men decided: who, if not, owns the house in which they live and where their mother lived. Time passed...

You inherited a house without documents: what to do (+ presentation)

Kovel office of the Legal Development Network is often visited by elderly people who inherited houses without legal documents. Often these are pensioners who live in other districts of Volyn region. Lawyers of the Office explain in detail what to do in such situations and where to go. Based on their advice, we have identified 10 key steps that need to be done by heirs to submit the documents for the house and title.

Good neighbours set dispute for land peacefully

Officials made a mess in the documents and did not issue the privatization in favour of the owner of the land, the resident of Kovel *, but in favour of his neighbour. Petro’s son had to fix the error when he started registering the inheritance after his father's death.

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