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Human trafficking: how to protect yourself

Looking for a better life and better earnings Ukrainians go abroad. However, not always meeting the desired conditions of labour and payment. Often people without bothering about their safety in advance become victims of human trafficking. In recent years, a number of complaints of labour exploitation abroad has increased. More than 80 Ukrainians suffered in labor slavery associated with the production and transportation of drugs in Russia.

Seventeen residents of Chernihiv region received status of victims of human trafficking

How do the state and NGOs of Chernihiv region counteract modern slavery? And how effectively are they doing this? Because 17 people were granted the status of victims of human trafficking in Chernihiv region for the period of two years. These and other issues were discussed on March 29 during a press conference summing up the implementation of the project on introducting the National mechanism of interaction between the entities that perform anti-trafficking in Chernihiv region.

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