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You inherited a house without documents: what to do (+ presentation)

Kovel office of the Legal Development Network is often visited by elderly people who inherited houses without legal documents. Often these are pensioners who live in other districts of Volyn region. Lawyers of the Office explain in detail what to do in such situations and where to go. Based on their advice, we have identified 10 key steps that need to be done by heirs to submit the documents for the house and title.

Nearly half of Transcarpathian Roma has no identity documents through conflicts of laws

According to unofficial data, more than 100 thousand Roma live in Zakarpattya. About 10 thousand Roma live in the greatest camp of Mukachevo. Despite such number and considerable time period of residence in one place, one of the greatest problems of Roma communities is absence of official documents - birth certificates and passports. According to public organizations, about 40% of Roma have no identify documents. Therefore, Roma have no nationality de facto in the country where they were born and live.

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