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Human trafficking: how to protect yourself
Natalia Kulikova, a lawyer of Chernihiv office of the Legal Development Network Natalia Kulikova, a lawyer of Chernihiv office of the Legal Development Network

Looking for a better life and better earnings Ukrainians go abroad. However, not always meeting the desired conditions of labour and payment. Often people without bothering about their safety in advance become victims of human trafficking. In recent years, a number of complaints of labour exploitation abroad has increased. More than 80 Ukrainians suffered in labor slavery associated with the production and transportation of drugs in Russia.

We wrote about this earlier. Today only 3 of them returned home. The cases are supported by Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU). Meanwhile, a lawyer of Chernihiv office of the Legal Development Network  Natalia Kulikova advises on how to protect oneself before traveling abroad and avoid becoming a victim of labor trafficking.

Based on the information provided, we have prepared a presentation "Human trafficking: how to protect yourself". You can also download the tips in the text version attached to this article.

Natalia Kulikova said that Ukrainians risk becoming victims of labor trafficking not only abroad but in this country as well:

“In light of the increasing risks of human trafficking in Ukraine do not forget to take care of your own safety and jobs at home. Check the legitimacy of the activities of intermediaries and employers, carefully read the labor contract and be sure to leave detailed information to relatives and friends”, said the lawyer of the Office at Chernihiv Civic Committee for the Protection of Human Rights.

In case of any situations involving human trafficking, you can call 0-800-505-501 or 527 – the national hot line on prevention of human trafficking and counselling immigrants.

Natalia Kulikova previously told about typical cases, when the Ukrainian workers were victims of human trafficking in Russia. In 2015-2016, the first case of mass involvement of Ukrainians in slavery in the Russian Federation was fixed.

The presentation "If you or your relatives became victims of human trafficking: algorithm of actions" can be viewed at the link.

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