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You inherited a house without documents: what to do (+ presentation)
You inherited a house without documents: what to do (+ presentation) Nadiia Klimuk, lawyer of NGO "Center for community growth"

Kovel office of the Legal Development Network is often visited by elderly people who inherited houses without legal documents. Often these are pensioners who live in other districts of Volyn region. Lawyers of the Office explain in detail what to do in such situations and where to go. Based on their advice, we have identified 10 key steps that need to be done by heirs to submit the documents for the house and title.

According to the lawyer of Office at the Center for community growth Nadiia Klimuk, “the court is something terrible for them. They do not understand why they need to prove the fact that their house belongs to them”.

People turn to the notary with the documents, but private notaries deny. Ground for refusal is a lack of legal documents. Pensioners are sent to the Centre for community growth for Pro Bono aid.

Lawyers of the Center make all the necessary inquiries to the institutions of the region.

It is necessary to make technical passport of the house, which costs approximately 1,000 UAH, if the house is in the village.

After the heir already has white papers for the house, the lawyers of the Centre comprise the statement from customers to the notary to register a certificate of inheritance under law or will, for a waiver of the notary. By the way, this is a paid service, both in the public and private notary – about 75 UAH.

After receiving the refusal of the notary, lawyers of the Center prepare the claim in court about recognition of the right of ownership to immovable property via inheritance under law or will.

How to behave in court

Before the court hearings, lawyers of the Center explain heirs how to behave in court:

  • To listen carefully to a judge (because they speak very quickly);
  • Not to take a microphone for recording;
  • To be polite;
  • Not to ask a judge questions;
  • When to get up;
  • Where to submit the originals of documents, etc.

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