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Consultations on mobilization

For your information: several legal consultations on the topic of mobilization, following recent development in Ukraine and the announcement of the third phase of mobilization.

What if a woman receives a mobilization notice?

The third phase of mobilization implies that a larger number of people are now subject of mobilization. A woman turned to Lviv Community Law Center with a serious issue. She is a doctor and mother of two underage children. She has recently received a mobilization notice. The Center’s lawyer explained her that women who care for minors are exempted from mobilization. They can only join armed forces of their own will. The Center’s lawyer advised his client to bring to the recruitment office birth certificates of her children.

Who will look for elderly parents?

Some simple problems that can be easily resolved in normal situation become serious issues in times of war. A client of Lviv Community Law Center tells his story. He is provides for his elderly father, who needs constant attention. However, he is not his legal guardian and has never formalized this situation. He received a mobilization notice and is afraid that there is nobody to look after his father. His mother is also an old woman and cannot help her husband. Accordingly to Ukrainian legislation, a legal guardian cannot be mobilized if he or she has to look for a disabled person. The Center’s lawyer advised his client to get medical certifications for his parents, to obtain guardianship and present relevant documents to the recruitment office.

Mobilization and religious beliefs.

Some cases, sadly, are not explained in legislation. A woman turned to Lviv Community Law Center with a question: what to do if religious beliefs do not permit carrying weapons? Indeed, she and her husband are part of a religious community that has banned arms. But the husband has received a mobilization notice and will have to join the army. The Constitution of Ukraine states that religious beliefs cannot be a reason to break the Law. However, there is a possibility to ask for alternative service (medical, building tasks) to avoid using guns. The Center’s lawyer advised his client to get a certificate from her Church and turn to the recruitment office to ask for alternative service.

Additional Information: Community Law Centers are established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Human rights and justice” programme initiative. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org
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