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People from Donbass participate in a sociological survey
Фото: скрін з відео круглого столу в агентстві УкрінформФото: скрін з відео круглого столу в агентстві Укрінформ

Survey was conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with Razumkov Center and «Ukrainian Sociology Service» with the financial support of UCBI (USAID funded project). The results of the survey were made public on 19 December 2014 during a round table in Kyiv.

Round table on what are people of Donbass (Slovyansk and Kramatorsk cities) thinking about current situation was conducted in national press agency premises (“Ukrinform”). Among participants: Iryna Bekeshkina, head of Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Andriy Bychenko, head of sociological service of Razumkov Center, Oleksandr Vyshnyak, head of Ukrainian Sociology Service», Sergiy Ivanov, journalist, Valentyn Krasnoperov, public activist, Ruslana Lyzhychko, singer and public activist, Maria Tomak, Center of public liberties.

The survey was focused on needs and fears of people from liberated Donbass territories. The main questions were:

  • What are the most urgent needs in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk?
  • What issues have to be resolved first?
  • The role of Russia in the conflict.
  • How to restore peace in Donbass?
  • What future awaits Donbass?

As for the most urgent needs, people stressed employment, medicine, restoring order in cities by law enforcement bodies, rebuilding infrastructure.

People fear “DNR” more than “Right Sector”.

People’s fears are linked to social issues: unpaid pensions and salaries, communal services. People are also afraid of epidemics, unemployment, famine and organized crime.  However, the main fear is the continuation of was (87,3%). People are not afraid of Russia (only 10,3%) but of pro-Russian terrorists from “DNR” (27,5%). People fear “DNR” more than “Right Sector” (only 16,9%).

Is there a war between two countries?

There is a war between Russia and Ukraine (43%). However, 33% do not think so and 24% are not sure what to say (Kramatorsk city). In Slovyansk only 26% of population is aware there is a war between Russian and Ukraine and 40% refuse to admit it.

Who is responsible?

People from Slovyansk and Kramatorsk think the government of Ukraine is responsible for resolving the conflict (77% and 68%). Some people tend to accuse ex-President Viktor Yanukovich (47% and 38%), the US (36%), Ukrainian oligarchs (36%) and revolution (37%). Also, 37% of respondents accuse Russia of continuing this conflict.

What to do?

Donbass should stay as integral part of Ukraine. This is the clear position of a majority of inhabitants of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. Some argue for a larger autonomy (45%), some request the same system (27%). Donbass as an independent state (“DNR” or “LNR”) is supported by 7% of respondents. Another 5% want to be integral part of Russian Federation.

Responsible for restoring order and normal life in Donbass region are: the President and his government (84%), local self-governmental bodies (30%) and oligarchs (24%).

More information can be found attached to this article.

Additional Information: Research was conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with Razumkov Center and «UkrainianSociologyService» with the financial support of UCBI (USAID funded project). Survey took place in November 2014 (22-27 November) and counted 500 respondents in Slovyansk, 510 respondents in Kramatorsk. Respondents were aged 18 and older.


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