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updated 1:26 PM EET, Feb 4, 2020

Acquaintance with chiefs of Legal Aid Bureau offices

On August 8 in Kherson the newly appointed chiefs of the Bureau offices in the region gathered for the first time at the inception meeting. They came to meet with colleagues and leadership to see how best to organize the work of the Bureau, learn from the experience of local and regional centers of free secondary legal aid in Kherson region.

Kherson region: professionalism and persistence of the lawyer rescued the teenager from going to jail

The minor Volodymyr* was under threat of imprisonment. He was accused of illegal manufacture and storage of drugs. The attorney who had undertaken to defend him, refused to do it. However, the lawyer of free legal aid system did not allow to break the guy’s destiny: he proved that evidence against the guy had been collected with violation of the law and human rights.

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