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updated 1:26 PM EET, Feb 4, 2020
Stanislav village council ready to provide free legal aid with the help of local Community Law Center
  • Written by Ella Petrenko, Bilozerka Community Law Center
  • Published in  News

In Stanislav village (Kherson region) local council approved an annual Programme for free primary legal aid. Bilozerka Community Law Center’s lawyers have been working on it during 2014 together with local council’s members. Stanislav is a poor village, so it is important for people to get access to free legal services. Moreover, as they cannot travel much in the region because of transport fees, they need to access legal services directly in the village.

Statistic data shows that people need free legal aid. Indeed, the neighboring village of Bilozerka has a Community Law Center. The Center provided more than 3000 consultations in four years. More than 350 clients were from Stanislav (around 10%).

People ask about social benefits, pensions, land rights, labor and family rights. They tell their friends, neighbors, relatives about Community Law Center’s work and the number of clients grows. The head of Stanislav village now realizes how important it is to provide access to legal aid. After elaborating and voting a programme for free primary legal aid, Stanislav village council is ready to provide financial support to the Center.

Volodymyr Zheludenko, head of Stanislav village council, explains that access to free legal aid is a request from the community. In Ukraine legislation is changing rapidly, new regulations overwhelm people, they need support from a qualified lawyer. Moreover, our elected council members also need legal help. The council is looking for legal advices. So, now the council representatives voted relevant documentation: a contest will be provided to choose a provider of legal aid.

Stanislav village council is working together with Bilozertka Community Law Center in the framework of joint project on building a sustainable free legal aid system with the financial support of International Renaissance Foundation. The goal of the programme initiative “Human rights and justice” is to prevent human rights violations, promote effective anti-discrimination legislation and practices, and ensure disadvantaged and vulnerable groups have access to justice and legal aid. Bilozerka Community Law Center is focused on regional development, democracy and free legal aid. More information online: http://bilozerka-moloda.org.

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