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How indifferent officials provoke mistrust towards authorities

Iosif Matkovsky was mobilized in September, 2014. He spent several months in ATO zone, near Marynka. At the end of December he got a heart attack. He underwent treatment and rehabilitation during three months. Iosif was granted the status of service-disabled veteran only on November 2, 2015, as officials hesitated about making the relevant decision.

Two certificates for one lost

To use the right to preferential journey in long-distance transport parents of lost ATO participant have to receive two certificates. For under one law members of families of lost soldiers have the right to preferential journey and under another one - no.

How can ATO participants and soldiers get leave of absence

Soldiers, ATO participants and members of their families started asking for free legal consultations on leave connected with different life situations. Right to rest and order of granting leave of absence to those who protect our country as well as to all the other Ukrainians is written in Constitution and in legislation.

Soldier’s rights abuse

Dmytro Subotin, mobilized soldier from ATO zone, turned to Chuhuev Community Law Center in October 2014. At that time Dmytro was in a bad shape: after spending several months fighting to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression, he was tired, stressed and broke. He asked for help and human rights defenders decided to take his case.

Two realities of our army

The more news and political talk shows you watch, the more you feel yourself a theater critic. You look at our politician and see: someone is too dramatic, the other one has to practice a surprised voice. Someone is a bad actor. When you listen to the people from the Ministry of Defense you want to cite Stanislavskiy: “I don’t believe!”

Soldiers learned about tactical medicine

The ongoing war forced Ukrainians to unite and help our army. Many volunteers’ groups were formed in different regions. They appeared within several weeks after the beginning of anti-terrorist operation. These groups provide for Ukrainian army: thermal imagers, medicine, cars, optical devices, arms, food etc.

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