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Beating the system: a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation got more than 100 thousand UAH aid for treatment

Even leading lawyers saw no positive prospects in this case. But a unique example of our protagonist proves that integrity and professionalism overcome barriers of bureaucracy. His story is a model for many soldiers who got the disease in ATO zone, but failed to get documentary evidence of this fact from the military-medical Commission and state financial assistance for treatment.

Contest "Promoting social adaptation of ATO participants”. Results and prospects

At the end of 2015 the International Renaissance Foundation announced a contest "Promoting social adaptation of ATO participants". It was caused by a challenge to the Ukrainian society, which arose as a result of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine – according to figures released by the President of Ukraine 210 thousand people were drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine during six waves of mobilization in 2014-2015. The majority of them participated directly in the fighting.

Flash mob in support of Ukrainian defenders "Thank you, soldier" launched on social media (video)

UNIAN reports that Facebook users launched extremely insightful, sincere and patriotic flash mob to support the Ukrainian army, defenders of the peaceful life of the homeland.

Anyone wishing to join the gratitude uses the hashtag #thankyousoldier. The action was begun by residents of Kyiv that filmed what ordinary passers-by think about "those who defend the world from enemy artillery". "So many people wanted to thank the military that we didn't know how to put all of them into one video. The couple from Luhansk who fled from the "Russian World", with tears in the eyes talked and talked about how important to them the feat of the AFU is. The girl from Mariupol thanked the Azov battalion. A volunteer from Kharkiv. Ukrainian, Russian, children, parents, seniors, teenagers, lawyers, tattoo artists, managers, skaters, men and women," said the author of the video and the flash mob.

Problems of ATO participants are typical for whole Ukraine

What problems do ATO participants and their families face most often? What most typical questions worry soldiers after demobilization? What scams with land plots supposed to be granted to ATO combatants do authorities conceal? These issues were discussed on December 10, 2015 in Henichesk of Kherson region during the first meeting of the local Center providing aid to ATO participants.

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