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Residents of ATO zone have special need for legal aid

The prolonged absence of notaries, the changes in the legislation for residents of ATO zone, the transition to the uncontrolled territory, etc. These are the questions that lawyers of Stanitsa Luhanska Law Community Center help the villagers of Krasna Talivka (Stanitsa Luhanska district, Luhansk region) to solve.

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"Legal Space" launched free legal app

Now you can obtain free primary legal aid by installing the application on Android based smartphones. The rules of using the app were explained by lawyers of Legal Space Information Resource Center at the workshop that was held on March 30 within DocudaysUA.

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Psychological legal workshops stirred up ATO veterans

On 11 March the fourth seminar for ATO ex-combatants and their families was held  in Beryslav , Kherson region. The program traditionally included psychological, legal, informational aid and moral support. The expert of the regional centre of social services for family, children and youth Alla Tverdokhlib helped the team of the Information Resource Center "Legal Space" organize training.

New police motto is “Human rights are main priority!”?!

“Human Rights Day is both the holiday and reminder to all of us of the importance of asserting our rights, neglecting which may push us to the abyss”.
Oleksandra Baklanova, PRO.MOVA analytical center

In December in Kherson region two significant events took place simultaneously: training of field officers and holding the XII Docudays UA Travelling Festival. It would be quite unwise not to arrange the screening of the best documentaries for future police officers.

ATO combatants have to fight for benefits

Fifteen ATO combatants who had returned from Eastern Ukraine recently, quickly understood it. They decided to find out what social benefits are provided to them, which ones are real and what rights are guaranteed only on paper.

Flashmob against discrimination: human rights activists responded to the opening of the monument to the Roma yard-keeper

On September 3, the monument to the Roma yard-keeper was opened in Mukachevo. At first sight a local event caused rather ambiguous reaction of the community. The day following after the celebration the Roma leaders and public activists initiated the flashmob against stigmatization and imposing stereotypes concerning the Roma.

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