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Bridge to tomorrow

The priest and psychologist wearing the military uniform, a few lawyers and human rights defenders - what can unite all these people? They visit together the districts of Kherson region and carry out psychological and legal seminars for the locals. They are united by one goal, one objective - to help ex-ATO combatants and their families. The editorial staff of the Vgoru newspaper joined one of such seminars, which took place in Henichesk.

Problems of ATO participants are typical for whole Ukraine

What problems do ATO participants and their families face most often? What most typical questions worry soldiers after demobilization? What scams with land plots supposed to be granted to ATO combatants do authorities conceal? These issues were discussed on December 10, 2015 in Henichesk of Kherson region during the first meeting of the local Center providing aid to ATO participants.

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