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Volyn: legal aid to those who defend Ukraine

Due to war in Eastern Ukraine there have appeared certain categories of citizens who need expeditious legal aid. IDPs from Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk region, soldiers and members of their families faced problems that can hardly be solved independently. Therefore, Community Law Centers provide free legal aid to these people for more than a year, in particular, the Center at Volyn regional public organization “Center of Legal Aid”.

A soldier on holidays

Vanya, a guy from Kherson, joined Ukrainian army and served in the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) zone. Last week he was granted a few days of “holidays”. He returned home to see his mother and his family. We have transferred a lot of equipment to Vanya and his battalion, so he went to our Center to thank us. He also agreed to answer a few questions.

How should the employer keep records of mobilized persons?

Now, the representatives of lots of organizations are mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Employers face the questions: how should the unified social tax be paid and how should monthly reports be filed to tax inspection? The specialists from “Gorenie” charity foundation made such recommendations.

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