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The win on the medical front: henceforth medicinal support of the Armed Forces will meet international standards
The win on the medical front: henceforth medicinal support of the Armed Forces will meet international standards Photo by pravda.if.ua

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Defence prepared a draft order on the procedure for the supply of medical equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in peacetime, reported on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

Before providing divisions of military units (from medical facility to medical company) and training bases and chairs in military medical training was regulated by the outdated orders and regulations, developed in the Soviet times.

With the aim of introducing qualitative changes in the organization of supply of medical property of the AFU in peacetime, the joint working group developed a new delivery mechanism. Henceforth, the provision of medical units of the AFU will be based on NATO standards and with observing the practice of evidence-based medicine.

What the key changes are envisaged with the new order of delivery of medical property of the AFU?

With the aim of reducing corruption risks in connection with the bringing of normative-legal acts into conformity with international standards officials changed all trade names of drugs to international nonproprietary names, which represent the active substance.

Drugs that have no evidence base and outdated medications that are no longer used in civilized countries are excluded from the list of required assets.

The new procedure also establishes that the solutions for infusion must not be in glass containers but in plastic ones that will make it impossible for them to split and is very convenient for transportation.

And the most important thing is that finally the list includes painkillers and drugs for anesthesia, which the medical companies were not almost provided and, consequently, surgeries were often done almost without anesthesia.

Another innovation is the introduction of dummies to the list of equipment of training centers and the Military Medical Academy to be used during the exercises for the medical staff of the AFU that will improve their level of training and contribute to developing skills for proper and effective medical care in real situations.

Of course, the introduction of modern and effective drugs and medical devices, will inevitably lead to increased costs to purchase them, but it will result in providing a quality care and the opportunity to reduce the number of deaths that can be prevented.

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