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Military Commissariat admitted the force of law, not harsh words
Bogdan Zobenko (left) and the head of the Law Centre, lawyer Petro Burlachenko. Photo by Law Centre.
Bogdan Zobenko (left) and the head of the Law Centre, lawyer Petro Burlachenko.

Faced with the incompetence and dismissive attitude of the recruiting officer, a soldier in the reserve did not obey a stupid order and decided to protect his rights. The staff of Cherkasy office of the Legal Development Network helped fight for justice.

10 Feb 2017 a soldier in the reserve Bogdan Zobenko turned to the Office at the NGO "Law Centre". He asked to clarify the issue of registration of a soldier in the reserve, as Chernobayevskiy Military Commissariat of Cherkasy region rejected him in this, demanding a medical examination.

Bogdan told that in 2014 he had already passed medical examination. A month later he was drafted for the third wave of mobilization to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In September 2015, after 13 months of military service, he was discharged. Then immediately he went to Chernobayevskiy Military Commissariat in Cherkasy region. In October 2015 with regard to his being removed according to his statement, he was redirected to sign up at the new place of residence – to the Military Commissariat of Smila in Cherkasy region.

In February 2017 Bogdan Zobenko again changed his place of residence – moved to the village of Timchenky Chernobayevskiy district, where he was registered in the village Council. Then he immediately turned to the Military Commissariat. There he faced the compulsory condition: medical examinations.

Bogdan did not agree with this requirement, instead he asked the employees of the Military Commissariat "to indicate a normative act, according to which he should undergo a medical examination". According to Bogdan Zobenko, the Military Commissioner with swearing referred to the Posture of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd 07.12.2016 No. 921.

However, the young man was not satisfied with the answer, and he turned for advice to the Office. The lawyer, the head of the Law Center Right Petro Burlachenko called the Military Commissar. In the conversation the lawyer appealed that Bogdan must register because the legislation does not provide for medical examinations of military personnel for registration.

“The military Commissioner mentioned the Order No. 402 of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and hung up”, said Petro Burlachenko.

However, such a dismissive attitude of the Commissioner did not stop the lawyer. He contacted the Cherkassy regional military registration and enlistment office. During a phone conversation with the regional Commissioner, Petro Burlachenko reiterated that Bogdan did not need to undergo a medical examination for the registration.

The regional military Commissar asked to wait. In 30-40 minutes the lawyer was called by the Deputy regional military Commissioner, who noted that Bogdan had already been put on record.

Cherkasy regional NGO "Law Centre" is implementing the project "Access to quality legal aid, including the Roma community. Stationary and mobile legal aid" with the support of Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of International Renaissance Foundation.

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