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Help service "ATO Consultant" launched on Legal Space
Hover over the words "ATO Consultant" in the dropdown menu and you will see information organized by sections. Photo: screenshot of Legalspace.org
Hover over the words "ATO Consultant" in the dropdown menu and you will see information organized by sections.

In February, 2017 the help service "ATO Consultant" was launched on Legal Space, which allows in a convenient way to see the most important information for fighters.

Veterans and their family members can now read online current legal information through interactive online help system – clicking the ATO Consultant button. The service is hosted on the Legal Space website – on the main page in the section "Aid to the army".

To create the content lawyers did the following:

  • Researched and systematized the main legislative aspects of financial support, information on procedures for release from military service under the contract in connection with the termination of its validity;
  • Placed clarification of statuses that are assigned to ATO participants;
  • Examined state and local guarantees;
  • Described in detail how to appeal the inaction of the authorities and local self-government;
  • Provided a complete list of existing programs and benefits for ATO veterans and members of their families in the Kherson region.

“We have published these questions in the directory on the basis of the requests of the military. Also on the eve of the training in the Kherson School of concerned citizens "Life after ATO" we conducted a survey of participants and asked to identify the most pressing issues of soldiers, the answers to which are difficult to find on their own. Thus, we have got the top five”, explained the lawyer Olena Romanova.

“Therefore, we can say that the ATO consultant was formed, were studied and grouped from the most actual issues ATO participants and members of their families are concerned about”, added the coordinator of the public reception of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in the city of Rivne Maria Tsypiaschuk.

In addition to step-by-step actions, the ATO Consultant" contains a complete list of benefits and programs operating now in the Kherson region.

“Providing legal advice to ATO participants, we saw that the soldiers, returning from the war, remain confused to the state bureaucratic machine. They often do not know what privileges are provided for them with district and regional programs, so we have made 42 requests, gathered information for 18 districts and the region overall, and posted the list of local benefits in the most convenient and accessible form. Now this is the only place that contains all preferential programs operating in the Kherson region”, said the lawyer of the IRC "Legal Space" Serhii Plakhotniuk.

According to him, the lawyer of the IRC "Legal Space" will update and supplement the information collected in accordance with changes in legislation and the needs of ATO veterans and their families.

The volunteer Olena Fesenko notes that even an inexperienced user can use the service. You need just to go to the website www.legalspace.org. In the upper left corner on a blue background there is the inscription "ATO Consultant" – hover over it and you will see information organized by sections in the drop down menu (see photo).

Collecting information for the ATO consultant service and its testing were conducted as part of the School for concerned citizens "Life after ATO", held in November-December 2016. Organizers: IRC "Legal Space", Kherson regional Charity Fund "The Source of Life, the Center for assistance to ATO participants at the Kharkiv regional state administration, Kherson regional centre for providing free secondary legal aid in Kherson region in the framework of the project "Kherson School of Concerned Citizens "Life after ATO" with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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