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Why not push beliefs of ATO veterans (video)
Trainer, psychologist, specialist in PTSD prevention Andriy OmelchenkoScreenshot of video by UKRLIFE.TV.
Trainer, psychologist, specialist in PTSD prevention Andriy Omelchenko

A trainer, psychologist, specialist in the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder Andriy Omelchenko in the studio of UKRILFE.TV channel told about specifics of work with ATO veterans.

In one of the African tribes there is a wise tradition: a man who returned from the war first gets to the hands of shamans (i.e. local psychologists, therapists). After a series of rituals being he was declared the Man of Wisdom, and only then was allowed to go back to the tribe, where he was greeted with great honors.

However, our troops who returned from ATO zone with a certain difficult life experience and baggage stay alone with their problems…




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