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Center for leadership development launches project "Leadership School for ATO combatants"

Leadership School for ATO combatants is a series of training modules that are designed to develop leadership and management skills of ATO participants with the aim of developing business, creating their own enterprises and effective employment.

The school cooperates with those who feel the potential for self-development and are ready to start own business. School is looking for motivated and perspective ATO combatants who returned from war zone and are ready to develop their leadership potential in the community and the country.

According to the chairman of NGO “Center for Leadership Development” Antonina Bondarenko, “the war that changed the country demonstrates that in a peaceful society only ambition, ability of adaptation and mutual support can survive. The war is a personal challenge to every Ukrainian. It is a challenge to self-preservation and the struggle for free future, leaving no room for error. To survive in the peaceful society is a challenge and choice for life. You either accept the challenge and build the future, or choose routine life in society. Of course, our team selects the promising future and ambition. When creating the Leadership School the team of the Center had no illusions and weighed the complexity of the process. We understand that only the most motivated part of the School participants can overcome difficulties and come to the pinnacle of success. The team's task is to help participants discover their unique potential and promote business growth.”

NGO “Center for Leadership Development” is the initiator of the School with the support of NGO “Legal Hundred”, NGO “Employment Center of Free People”, “The Soldier’s Heart”, Sociological Agency “FAMA”, Assistance сenters for ATO participants at the Regional State Administrations, Universities, the State Service for Veterans, People with Disabilities and Participants in ATO, the State Administration, the Department of labor and social protection of the population.

The functioning of the schools in Dnipro, Kyiv and Lviv became possible with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the UN Democracy Fund.

The School starts in Lviv on 7 October, in Kyiv - on 21 October and in Dnipro - in November 2016!

The curriculum of the School consists of 3 sessions (5 modules):

  • Management leadership
  • Community leadership
  • Communication leadership
  • Emotional leadership
  • Mediation and negotiation.

The total duration of the training programme is 1 month; the training takes place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Read more on Legal Space.


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