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Active rehabilitation program “Return to life” for ATO combatants launched

The rehabilitation program "Return to life" for 2016-2017 targets injured soldiers, retired ATO combatants personnel of the security sector and defense of Ukraine.

This information was published on the website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Active rehabilitation is a complex of activities with the use of means of physical culture and sports, aimed at self-care, maximum independence in everyday life, integration and social activity of persons who suffered severe defeats of the musculoskeletal or sensory functions due to injury, wounds or disease. The main components of the active rehabilitation process are physical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

The active rehabilitation camp of is one of the methods to restore the physical and social condition of persons after the defeat of the musculoskeletal or sensory functions of the body resulting from trauma, injury or illness.

Where are the camps?

The western rehabilitation and sports center of the National Committee for Sports of Invalids of Ukraine (Yavoriv village, Turkivs'kyi district, Lviv region) www.westsportcenter.com.ua

The implementers of the program: the National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine, National Committee for Sports of Invalids of Ukraine at the support of the NATO Trust Fund, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and Ministry of Social Policy.

What are advantages of participating in the active rehabilitation camp?

  • Significant improvements in psychological and physical condition.
  • Mastery of necessary skills for self-care, independence for better integration and adaptation in everyday life.
  • Via Paralympic methodology direction for further systematic work outs and orientation to future professional activity.

What specialists will work for you?

  • Instructors for active rehabilitation - people with disabilities who are willing to share their knowledge and experience according to the peer-to-peer principle;
  • Professionals in physical rehabilitation – conduct individual and group classes of general physical training, physical therapy and ergotherapy;
  • Psychologists will conduct individual consultations and group sessions;
  • Recreation therapist’s assistants – boys and girls who have the necessary skills and will help safely explore the camp program;
  • Animator, art therapists;
  • Trainers-instructors for Paralympic training – hold training sessions with different sports disciplines.

The project provides 17 camps (see schedule and other details on http://naiu.org.ua/). The selection of participants will occur with the completed questionnaires.

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