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Widow of ATO hero won case against Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is trying to economize, recognizing the fallen ATO heroes as suicide. The result is families of lost soldiers are not eligible for cash assistance from the state. A vivid example was the case of "Oksana Rudnik against the Ministry of Defence." Such attempts to save the state are numerous.

27-year-old Junior Sergeant Artem Rudnik was shot on duty in ATO zone (Luhansk oblast).

His wife Oksana Rudnik appealed to the Ministry of Defence with a statement of the receipt of a lump sum in connection with the death of a breadwinner. The man was the sole breadwinner for her disabled parents and young son.

But the Ministry of Defence was delaying the provision of payments to the hero’s family. In response to the statement Oksana received a letter with terrible news. Her husband was recognized as suicide without any evidence. There were no witnesses, no due expertise. In fact, this meant that the family would receive no assistance. In addition, the soldier’s name was discredited.

Lawyers of the Juscutum offered the woman to fight a gross injustice. They pro bono filed the administrative claim against the Ministry of Defence and represented the woman in court proceedings.

The courts of first and appellate instance supported the position of the widow. The family of the deceased soldier finally received monetary compensation.

The lawyer of Juscutum Volodymyr Adonin noted:

“When we were preparing for this case, we found several similar cases. It became clear that it is a tendency - the Ministry of Defence wants to save money to the families of dead soldiers, claiming that they committed suicide. We want to break this trend. After all, the least the state can do for the families of fallen heroes is to pay monetary compensation. Saving of that sort is a crime”.

The lawyer of Juscutum Ksenia Prokonova supports her colleague’s opinion:

“The Ministry of Defence prefers to save at the expense of the vulnerable people: those who have no patrons and Facebook page, who can't seek help. We accepted this case quite by accident, thanks to the journalists who wanted to help the family draw attention to the situation. I'm glad our knowledge and experience have helped this family. We can't help thousands, but we can help one. That is why we would like to disseminate the text of the claim that brought victory to Oksana Rudnik".

A sample of the claim is attached.

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