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Psychological legal workshops stirred up ATO veterans
ATO veterans in Beryslav are going to the seminar Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
ATO veterans in Beryslav are going to the seminar

On 11 March the fourth seminar for ATO ex-combatants and their families was held  in Beryslav , Kherson region. The program traditionally included psychological, legal, informational aid and moral support. The expert of the regional centre of social services for family, children and youth Alla Tverdokhlib helped the team of the Information Resource Center "Legal Space" organize training.

The other day Alla received a letter: "Thanks to your visit ATO veterans and their families became more active, started obtaining benefits and asserting their rights. The mother of the lost soldier sought medical care in Kherson regional clinical hospital. As a result she received the opportunity to undergo treatment twice a year. Ex-combatants began to solve their problems. I will collect their questions and send to you for finding solutions. Two ATO veterans have a burning desire to go to Kherson for psychological training. In my opinion they really need deeper, qualitative communication with a psychologist. Also soldiers ask whether you still hold similar events in Beryslav".

Receiving such review of the event is not just nice. It's very inspiring and helps understand that training yielded certain results.

"I'm sure that the exercise "The victim and the leader” inspired the participants to take responsibility for their future. The psychologist, Chaplain of the First Ukrainian Battalion of Military Chaplains Andriy Kalyta skillfully analyzed the behavior of the victim and the leader during the workshop in Beryslav. “Participants tried on both roles and made an informed choice," the coordinator of IRC "Legal Space" Anna Martyniuk noted.

Of course, ATO veterans and family members were motivated to assert the rights and privileges guaranteed by the state by the presentation by the lawyer of the IRC "Legal Space" Volodymyr Orlovsky.

Director the IRC "Legal Space" Natalia Bimbirayte helped establish a dialogue with local authorities. Due to her speech unlike previous workshops representatives of the district authorities in Beryslav were not formal, but acted like people who wish to help the military and their families.

Let us remind that two public organizations - Information Resource Center "Legal Space" (provides primary free legal aid http://legalspace.org) and the Center for spiritual development "Source of Life" (provides free psychological help https://www.facebook.com/jerelo.org/info/?tab=overview) conducted ten training workshops for ATO veterans, their families, local volunteers and civil servants who work with the military in Kherson region.

Training is conducted in the framework of the project "Promoting social adaptation of ATO participants and their families through the provision of psychological and legal assistance" with the support International Renaissance Foundation. Two public organizations express their gratitude for help in training and to support to the Center for aid to ATO participants at Kherson RSA and local activists.

For legal aid to ATO participants and their families, please contact our hotline:
093-14-77-303, 099-46-83-848. Lawyer’s personal reception: on Mondays from 10 am to 3 pm at the address: 2 Frunze St., of. 6., Kherson
Psychological aid is provided at the address: 3 Perekopskaya St., Kherson, contact phone 050-418-1001.

Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte and Anna Martyniuk, IRC "Legal Space".

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