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Land for ATO combatants against local bureaucracy

The state promises the military personnel to be granted with land plots, but local authorities can't or don't want to allocate the plots actually. As a result, our defenders are waiting for allocation of sites for months or are refused at all. ATO ex-combatant from Volyn – Leonid Kravets* also came up against such situation. Due to timely intervention of lawyers of Kovel Law Community Center the man could overcome local bureaucrats.

On October 10, 2015 Leonid wrote the application in Svityazsky village council for providing permission to receive the land plot for construction of a house and economic constructions. He added graphic materials to illustrate his idea of the desirable location of the land plot.

According to the legislation of Ukraine the village council has to make the necessary decision in a month – either to resolve, or to refuse. However, a month later the ex-serviceman did not receive any information from officials.

Leonid learned from acquaintances about Kovel Law Community Center and asked for help there. The legal adviser of the Center studied documents and helped the man make request in Svityazsky village council for providing certified copies of Leonid Kravets’s statement for receiving the land plot and the decision made after the serviceman’s inquire.

Only in December Leonid received the answer that the land plot he wanted to receive was someone’s private property.

The lawyer prepared one more letter to the Village Council with a request to provide information on the free land plots for construction of a house in the village of Svityaz of Shatsky district.

At the end of December, 2015 the letter with information came to the Law Community Center saying that there are three free land plots in the territory of Svityazsky village council. To help Leonid make a choice, the lawyer sent to the village council one more inquiry for providing the copy of the cadastral map (plan) with the above land plots.

When the answer came, Leonid chose one of three plots, submitted a package of documents and received the permission.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons

Law Community Center Network works in partnership with Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation together with Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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