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First regional psychological and legal seminar for ex-combatants and their families held in Kherson
Andriy Kalyta encourages a seminar participant to complete cases she is working over. Photo by Anna Martyniuk, IRC "Legal Space"
Andriy Kalyta encourages a seminar participant to complete cases she is working over.

On 16 February in the village of Nyzhni Sirohozy (Kherson region) the seminar was held for ATO combatants and their families. Psychological, legal, information aid and moral support – the program was intense and very efficient.

It was an abnormally warm day: +17C°. It is the 133-year-old highest temperature ever recorded in Kherson region. Seminar participants did not want to leave the village council, asking Andriy Kalyta and Volodymyr Orlovsky to continue personal consultations. Though at first ATO veterans, mothers and sisters of the military perceived the event skeptically. They frankly admitted: "I expected to see officials reporting again".

The psychologist, Chaplain of the First Ukrainian Battalion of Military Chaplains, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation "Source of Life" Andriy Kalyta was the first to take the floor. He offered to fill a jar of barley with pebbles of happiness, love, health, prosperity, etc. All did not fit, until the smart participant poured out barley, put the stones on the bottom and covered them with grain.

IMG 7931118

Everyone understood that something like that happens in their heads. It is very easy to get lost in information streams, if not guided by human values. They began to understand: how it feels to be a victim, the difference between the behavior of the leader and the victim, how to develop leadership skills, how to talk to a victim without being subjected to his or her negative effects.

Further participants worked with metaphoricity cards that reflect the person’s inner condition and state of health. Andriy Kalyta analyzed the choice of each participant and provided personal recommendations.

IMG 80021

After the fruitful psychological work participants learned to cope with stress, to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder in everyday life.

The lawyer of Information Resource Center "Legal Space" Volodymyr Orlovsky, using the traffic light model, told the military and their relatives about the "green benefits" that are working perfectly well, “yellow” - partially achieved, “red” - just declared on paper. Also the panel legal advice in the question and answer format was held.

IMG 80091

During the event the coordinator of IRC "Legal Space" Anna Martyniuk conducted a survey of participants, presented leaflets and distributed them among the military.

Photo by Anna Martyniuk, IRC "Legal Space".

Two public organizations, IRC "Legal Space" (provide primary free legal aid http://legalspace.org) and Kherson Regional Center "Source of Life" (provides free psychological aid https://www.facebook.com/jerelo.org/info/?tab=overview) express their gratitude to the regional public organization "Center of Family Well-Being" for help in training of the staff and to International Renaissance Foundation for the support.
Training is conducted in the framework of the project "Promoting social adaptation of ATO participants and their families through the provision of psychological and legal assistance".

For legal aid to ATO participants and their families, please contact our hotline:
093-14-77-303, 099-46-83-848. Lawyer’s personal reception: on Mondays from 10 am to 3 pm at the address: 2 Frunze St., of. 6., Kherson
Psychological aid is provided at the address: 3 Perekopskaya St., Kherson, contact phone 050-418-1001.

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