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Officers pursued ambulance (part II)
Natalia Repina consults the lawyer of Law Community Center Volodymyr Orlovsky Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
Natalia Repina consults the lawyer of Law Community Center Volodymyr Orlovsky

In October last year the Legal Space web portal published the news of the egregious event about how the command of the military unit tried to kidnap a soldier (a resident of Kherson) from an ambulance, who was struck by electricity – "to hush up" the accident.

The soldier’s mother Natalia Repina told Volodymyr Orlovsky, the lawyer of Community Law Center of Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation that her son Nikita was always eager to become a military. So he went to a military registration and enlistment office. He was sent to the A 0981 military unit in the village of Lesnoye of the Oleksandrivsky district in Kirovograd region. Last week, on October 19, by order of the commanding officer Nikita was digging a trench. He had to work with a scrap - the dried-up earth appeared firmer than granite. When he once again struck on the stony soil, sparks flew, his palms smoked and the guy fainted. It appeared that he was ordered to dig the place where there was the 380 Volt cable.

Through negligence of the command of the military unit the guy did not receive urgent medical care. When he got to the emergence department, commanders of the unit demanded from physicians to discharge him from hospital. For more details read here.

The lawyer of the Center Volodymyr Orlovsky specified circumstances and found out that the facts Nikita's mother told about were confirmed. However, the decision on the beginning of investigation is not still made, despite of the requirement of the law that it has to be accepted in 24 hours after reporting on crime.

While the lawyer continued to advise Natalya Repina, the doctor called her to tell that the commanders of the unit arrived again and demanded to give Nikita back to them. They were refused and the guy was brought by the ambulance to Vinnitsa hospital. The officers pursued the ambulance from Alexandria to Kirovograd, pushed the vehicle to the kurb demanding to stop. The anesthesiologist who supported the patient reported about it.

Volodymyr Orlovsky helped the mother draw up the report on crime and submit it to the police. In order to accelerate investigation the director of IRC "Legal Space" Natalia Bimbirayte reported about facts of the case to the commander of Military Service of Law and Order, who promised to control the course of investigation.

On October 30 the mother told that to hospital the officer from Military Service of Law and Order came to her son and later the commander attended the hospital with the written explanation. In November investigation was completed, conclusions were transferred to the military prosecutor's office of the Kirovograd garrison for initiating criminal proceedings.

Nikita Repin obtained treatment and now is serving in the other division of the military unit. No complaint so far.

In December, 2015 the mother of the victim received the letter from the military prosecutor's office of the Kirovograd garrison about initiating criminal proceedings upon the facts revealed by investigation of Military Service of Law and Order. The legal investigation lasts.

We will follow developments.

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