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Problems of ATO participants are typical for whole Ukraine
Volunteers and soldiers of Henichesk tried to bring their most burning issues to officials’ attention Photo: Alexander Galko's Facebook
Volunteers and soldiers of Henichesk tried to bring their most burning issues to officials’ attention

What problems do ATO participants and their families face most often? What most typical questions worry soldiers after demobilization? What scams with land plots supposed to be granted to ATO combatants do authorities conceal? These issues were discussed on December 10, 2015 in Henichesk of Kherson region during the first meeting of the local Center providing aid to ATO participants.

Volunteers and soldiers of Henichesk tried to inform heads of departments of Henichesk district state administration of their most burning issues. Among meeting attendees there was also an ensign of the 95th airmobile crew Victor Zalevsky. He shared his impressions and conclusions on his Facebook page:

"We’ve come to encourage our fellow soldiers and to see all events with our own eyes.

Problems and issues discussed at the meeting showed that they are identical to the whole Ukraine:

1) Soldiers do not often have an ATO combatant certificate (a new sample);

2) ATO combatant certificate is being issued during several months;

3) There is no unified office where the serviceman can address to solve questions related to payments and other moments (provided by the law).

4) Not each demobilized soldier has the certificate of earned income that is needed for registration of a number of documents.

Behind the scenes when asking about allocation of land plots I heard only one word: "Santa Barbara". I personally will refrain from comments so far, but I ask participants of the event to describe their attitudes and sum up all this briefly", Victor Zalevsky wrote.

At the end of the post the soldier asks to answer the People's Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Gordeev, whether there are similar centers in Ukraine and as far as, according to the politician, they are effective.

Also Victor Zalevsky offered the volunteer, the editor-in-chief of the Legal Space web portal Natalya Bimbirayte to join discussion – to receive some useful tips.

“Tasty” land plots for "illusive" soldiers?

The post of the volunteer Alexander Galko who confirmed all the above said can be considered the response to the request to sum up the results of the meeting.

According to Galko, ATO participants pointed the Center of Aid to ATO participants to the following "curious" fact: allegedly on the bank of the Sea of Azov allegedly 132 ATO combatants were granted the 10-are plots of land each.

"But for some reason no one of these lucky “grantees” attended the meeting. Actually the list, according to soldiers, includes the locals, but definitely not those who were fighting for our independence”.

Volunteers help without red tape and formal instructions

Volunteers again set an example of how to break through walls and help the needy. So, members of Henichesk public organization "Volunteer" got five ATO participants through the decision of the session of Shchaslivtsevo Village Council receive permission to free land plots to build houses and economic constructions. Volunteers will pay costs on registration of all necessary documents.

Comments on Facebook

Yevgen Averkin:

"I will tell the one thing – no one is interested in problems of ATO participants!!! They think only of their income and how to do so to avoid doing anything all!

We didn't hear concrete answers to any of our numerous questions and claims and didn't see any specific steps!!!

People, understand us: we, when sitting in entrenchments and protecting your sweet dream, are not going to do your work for you!!! And a lot of defenders will be sick and tired of all this very soon! First of all it concerns our government!"

Natalya Bimbirayte:

"Such centers are created in all regions of Ukraine under the Decree of the President, at regional administrations. The idea is good in words. In practice it turns out differently. There are examples of good work of officials with volunteers. But in the majority of regions including Kherson, such centers are formally created at Kherson State Regional Administration and in all districts. As for the described problems of the military personnel and their families, hotlines for ATO participants work, their contacts are on the official websites of regional administrations.

Real aid is provided by CSOs. In Kherson it is the Legal Space. On the website of the organization there are contacts of lawyers, please address – residents of five regions of Ukraine can receive free legal aid".

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