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Chuhuiv human rights activists will provide legal aid to ATO combatants in Adaptation Center
Chairman of ChHRG Roman Likhachov (on the left) in the Adaptation Center Photo Andriy Pekarenin
Chairman of ChHRG Roman Likhachov (on the left) in the Adaptation Center

On November 11 in Kharkiv the Adaptation Center for ATO combatants was officially opened – the event soldiers and their families were waiting for so long.

Though the Center was opened quite recently, actually it works for some months. Experts of the center help soldiers integrate into peaceful life.

Active citizens, businessmen, volunteers, civil society activists of Kharkov were involved into creation of the Center. Certainly, lawyers, recreation therapists, psychologists were invited for the solution of urgent problems.

In the newly created Center there is everything necessary, even the sports hall with exercise machines. And now it is perfectly ready to accept soldiers with health and mental problems of any complexity.

The Adaptation Center provides legal advice, psychological assistance, a recreation therapist’s services – absolutely for free. Also after passing the adaptation course one can have training in a specific civilian profession. It will surely help ATO participants adapt in peaceful life.

Olena Grygorieva, the practicing psychologist who specializes on providing psychological assistance to ATO participants, and Roman Likhachov, Chairman of Chuhuiv human rights group were welcomed to the opening of the Center.

Roman Likhachov presented to the Center thematic brochures on the most important legal issues ATO participants should be aware of.

Chuhuiv human rights group and the Adaptation Center agreed about cooperation and legal support.

Activity of Chuhuiv human rights group is carried out within the "Increasing the level of legal protection of soldiers, ATO participants and members of their families through legal aid provision and conducting of monitoring" project with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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