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Letter of inquiry accelerated registration of ATO combatant status
  • Written by Nadia Klimuk, Volyn regional public organization “Center of Legal Aid”
  • Published in  Legal aid to the army

After the letter of inquiry of lawyers the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine responded quickly and effectively: Kyrylo from Donetsk region received the status of ATO combatant.

Kyrylo is a native of the city of Mariupol. For long time he worked as the militiaman in one of the cities of Donetsk region occupied by terrorists now. Owing his patriotic belief Kyrylo had to leave the city, but he did not betray Ukraine.

Last year the guy as the law enforcement employee participated in military operations in ATO zone. He has only the passport and the certificate of being involved in participation in ATO. Kyrylo did not receive appropriate material security. After return from war the man works in the village in one of regions of Volyn region. He lives at relatives’ home and provides himself with necessary things.

Therefore, Kyrylo actually was the ATO combatant, but has no documents confirming his status. The man asked Kovel military registration and enlistment office for the help. Military officials analyzed his documents and explained that he according to his position does not belong to the structure of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. But he has a direct bearing on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. So, they recommended Kyrylo to address Kovel Community Law Center.

The legal adviser of the Center drew up a letter of inquiry to the Department of Staffing of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with a request to provide all information on the ATO combatant - Kyrylo, namely: excerpts from orders on stay in lists of ATO combatants and performance of ATO tasks; excerpts from orders on arrival to ATO zone for performance of ATO tasks and excerpts about leaving after the performed task, excerpts from orders of the Anti-terrorist center on arrival and leaving from ATO zone. These documents are necessary for establishment of the lawful status of ATO combatant.

Kyrylo was pleasantly struck with the immediate response of the Department of MIA of Ukraine. Moreover, Kyrylo was reported that all his documents as ATO combatant and as participant of military operations were ready. He should just visit the Department of MIA of Ukraine and receive documents.

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