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How to build up an army
ПНБ видно досить добре Фото Наталі Бімбірайте
ПНБ видно досить добре

Three guys from Kherson are now in the heat of the war in Donetsk region. They received proper training, learned how to attack the enemy and how to defend civilians. However, at the end of the training, a disappointment awaited for them. Indeed, the government did not have enough funds to provide them with basic protection: they received neither bulletproof vests nor helmets.

Galyna, mother of one of the soldiers, started calling for help. She turned to the regional department of the Ministry of defense and other governmental bodies. But the reply was the same everywhere: not enough money for military equipment. However, officials advised Galyna to turn to public organizations and pointed at Kherson center of help for the army.

Galyna came to the Center and explained that soldiers from Lviv and Kirovograd were fully equipped with the help of local people. But guys from Kherson were left without proper defense. Bulletproof vests and helmets are basic things, but soldiers also need special glasses, tents, sleeping bags, protection for knees and elbows, optical devices…

Kherson center of help for the army, coordinated by Natalia Bimbiraite, decided to help Galyna and three Kherson lads. Volunteers collected money and bought three bulletproof vests for 4500 UAH each. Sergeant Ivan Sharyi tested the vest and informed that the quality was excellent. Indeed, it stopped gun-machine bullets.

He also stressed that his division has no optical devices at all. A night vision device is a necessity in time of war. But the government, again, cannot provide enough money to buy such tool. The Center together with Natalia Bimbiraite and Oleg Zaichenko started collecting money for “Pulsar” night vision device. Different private firms joined the effort as well as ordinary people from Kherson region. In a few days the needed sum was collected. Volunteers informed about the progress via Facebook and thanked everyone who participated. It is important to help our army today as it will protect us tomorrow.


When the money was collected, it was also difficult to find a seller. Optical devices are rare in Ukraine and are sold out very quickly. However, the seller decided to make a serious discount when he learned that his “Pulsar Recon 770” will be given to Ukrainian army. The final price was 5 750 UAH. Volunteers have collected more than 12 000 UAH so they decided to save money to buy another night vision device as soon as it will be available for sale.

“Pulsar Recon 770” was given directly to Ivan Sharyi in Kherson when the sergeant came for two days to visit his family. He was very impressed by this gift and told volunteers that now the efficiency of his division will double. He hopes this little device will save many lives.

A few days later, Galyna told us that Ivan called her from the war zone. He wanted to thank again all the people who helped with the purchase of “Pulsar Recon 770”. The device turned out to be excellent in the field and soldiers are now more protected from night attacks.

Kherson center of help for the army is preparing a new package for our soldiers. We will provide more information as soon as we manage to transport the requested equipment in the war zone. The situation is rather difficult as of now: the division is fighting in Donbass region near the Russian border.




P.S. For those who want to help, more information is available on our Facebook page


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