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«Hostel» victory: people fought for their right for housing

Common efforts of “Legal Space” portal and its partners – lawyers, journalists, public activists – have finally shown results. Court hearings which lasted for years between hostel’s residents and private enterprise, resulted in ruling in favor of residents. More than 500 people fought for their rights in Lviv court of appeal via Pro Bono system.

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Is it possible to legally avoid mobilization?

Internet is full of different advices how to avoid mobilization. There is even a “standard” example of forms to be filled up by people willing to avoid serving in the army. However, these forms are not legal. Human rights defenders warn people from using them.

“Hostel” case in Uzhgorod: court made its decision

“Legal Space” continues to inform you on the case on attempts to obtain hostel in Uzhgorod. The hearing took place on 5 January and ended with victory of more than 500 inhabitants. The court ruled that hostel which was сontested by “Patent” enterprise belongs to the state. Such ruling* of the Economic court of Zakarpattya region is officially published in Single State register of court decisions.

No need to pay for someone else

A Roma family has received an exorbitant communal services bill. They have never had such a debt and decided to prove it with the help of Uzhgorod Community Law Center administrated by Zakarpatty regional charity fund “Romano lungo trayo”.

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