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Where IDPs can receive primary legal aid

Legal empowerment of citizens by the example of IDPs from the Donbas was told by the activists: head of Information Resource Centre and chief editor of the Legal Space web portal Natalia Bimbirayte, chairmen of NGOs "Civic Platform" and "Agency for Democratic Development of Donbas" Serhiy Koshel and Serhiy Kovalenko. Journalists Larysa Denysenko and Iryna Solomko were talking to them in the Public Radio studio.

Emergency volunteer help: critically ill IDP received free medical care

The other day the deaf and dumb displaced person addressed the Center of IDP support and consultations “Station Chuhuiv" at Chuhuiv human rights group. The man needed urgent medical assistance due to the extremely serious disease: palate cancer with metastatic disease and open festering ulcer of lymphocytosis on the neck. The case was actually urgent as each hour counted.

IDP woman from Luhansk presented Dnipropetrovsk with "flying" yoga

Iryna is a yoga master from Luhansk with 10 years' experience and a set of her own programs. Having gone to spiritual travel across Tibet with a suitcase and two hammocks, she never came back home. Now she has a small yoga studio in Dnipropetrovsk that is never empty and provides happiness to guests. This is not just yoga, but the "flying" one. CF "Gorenie" web portal talked to Iryna about events that brought her to Dnipropetrovsk, why she decided to inspire people and why she was grateful to All-Ukrainian charity foundation "Gorenie".

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