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Adaptation of IDPs in communities was discussed in Donetsk region

During May, representatives of NGO "Agency for Democratic Development of Donbass" and the Representative Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine organized round tables "Integration of IDPs and community cohesion in the Donetsk region: challenges of 2017" in Lyman (May 17), Druzhkivtsi (May 24), Toretsk (May 24), Bakhmuti (May 25) and Kostantynivka (26 May).

Lawyers helped the IDP prove the status of the unemployed

In July 2017, an IDP attended the joint reception by specialists from the Chuhuiv local center for free secondary legal aid and the Chuhuiv Human Rights Protection Group. The local employment center refused to give the man the status of the unemployed motivating by the fact that the labor book did not have marks about the dismissal of an enterprise that remained in the temporarily uncontrolled territory.

The Ombudsman upholds the right of IDPs to receive payments not only in the Oshchadbank

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska believes that the assignment of a state-run bank that carries out the payment of pensions or other monetary assistance to internally displaced persons is the restriction of a person's right to freedom of choice of a banking institution. Also the Ombudsman believes that this is a direct discrimination based on residency and the IDP status, reported on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

The family that moved within their native city managed to receive IDP status

In addition to IDPs, who fleeing from the consequences of conflict were forced to leave their native towns and villages, there are people, who moved within their home locality, in Ukraine. For example, a building was hit by a shell, so people moved in with relatives or friends. Human rights activists call this category of people affected by the conflict “displaced”, according to Right to Protection.

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