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Fast loan paid by a neighbor. Fraud in Lviv

One can find fraudsters everywhere. But few people can independently deal with them. That was the case with Petro Moseychuk* from Lviv. A neighbor took out a loan using his name, without his consent and signature. Petro had to pay this loan back using his own pension money.

Future plans of the free legal aid system in Sumy region

23 villages of Lebedyn district in Sumy region will receive free legal aid. Moreover, local Heads of village councils will also receive a legal training to be able to provide basic consultations to their communities and assist the council hearings in legal matters.

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What a sailor has to know before embarking

Sailor’s work is considered to be prestigious. Every year thousands of young graduates leave Marine educational institutions of Mykolaiv, Odessa, and Kherson. They dream of joining the sailors’ brotherhood, travel around the world and receive high salaries for their hard work. However, they do not realize what kind of dangers they may encounter. Sometimes even experienced sailors are left without money and support, alone in a foreign country, abandoned by their captain or employer.

Rivne pensioner protected her housing rights

A pensioner from Rivne spent more than a year protecting her right to live in her room in the communal apartment provided by Rivne “Elektroavtotrans” enterprise. The enterprise administration tried to dispose the old woman of her living room by different means. She had to turn for free legal aid and go to Court, where her rights were finally confirmed.

Kamyanets-Podilskiy City Council reacts to criticism

Maksim Ilchyshen, head of local Community Law Center, gave an interview to “Podolyanin” newspaper where he strongly disapproved local official’s inaction. He criticized City Council’s inactivity and unwillingness to support the development of a free legal aid system in the community. The reaction of local authorities was quick and rather surprising.

Bila Tserkva city council cooperates with the poor

The draft of the resolution “On some questions of free legal aid in Bila Tserkva of Kiyv oblast” has been published on website of Bila Tserkva City Council. It provides for the competition announcement with the involvement of subjects of private law to obtain free legal aid at the expense of the city budget.

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