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The Ombudsman upholds the right of IDPs to receive payments not only in the Oshchadbank

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska believes that the assignment of a state-run bank that carries out the payment of pensions or other monetary assistance to internally displaced persons is the restriction of a person's right to freedom of choice of a banking institution. Also the Ombudsman believes that this is a direct discrimination based on residency and the IDP status, reported on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

You inherited a house without documents: what to do (+ presentation)

Kovel office of the Legal Development Network is often visited by elderly people who inherited houses without legal documents. Often these are pensioners who live in other districts of Volyn region. Lawyers of the Office explain in detail what to do in such situations and where to go. Based on their advice, we have identified 10 key steps that need to be done by heirs to submit the documents for the house and title.

Pensioner won his right to payment in court

 For about a year in the Kherson region, in the courts of first instance and appeal there was considered an issue about salary, calculation of severance, the payment of average earnings during a delay of payments at dismissal and compensation of moral harm.

We forgive you all our debts

So decided the administration of the agricultural enterprise: to cancel the debt on wages to repay the damage inflicted by the worker. However, she inflicted no harm, since these damages were not established in any document.

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