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Lawyers helped the IDP prove the status of the unemployed

In July 2017, an IDP attended the joint reception by specialists from the Chuhuiv local center for free secondary legal aid and the Chuhuiv Human Rights Protection Group. The local employment center refused to give the man the status of the unemployed motivating by the fact that the labor book did not have marks about the dismissal of an enterprise that remained in the temporarily uncontrolled territory.

"The property has been destroyed ... due to the explosion of warheads"

The participant of combat actions demands from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine compensation of pecuniary damage in the amount of more than 400 thousand UAH. He appreciated his moral suffering almost in the same amount. The case promises to become a particular precedent. After all, in the city of Balaklia of Kharkiv region, hundreds of people were affected by explosions of munitions from the military arsenal.

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