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The bank blocked the account: how the client restored access to child benefits

Any bank customer may face the problem with blocking his or her account. Arguing about committing criminal operations through the account, or suspected of fraud, banks unconditionally block it, denying access for people to their own funds. A similar situation was solved by the lawyer of Bilozerka Office of the Legal Development Network. The lawyer filed a complaint to the bank, in which he substantiated the wrongful act of the institution that had blocked access to child benefits.

The Ombudsman upholds the right of IDPs to receive payments not only in the Oshchadbank

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska believes that the assignment of a state-run bank that carries out the payment of pensions or other monetary assistance to internally displaced persons is the restriction of a person's right to freedom of choice of a banking institution. Also the Ombudsman believes that this is a direct discrimination based on residency and the IDP status, reported on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

How to proceed with seized property

Olena Makova turned to the Voznesenkiy legal aid center. Her ex-husband Mykola took a credit a few years ago when they were still married. At first he paid his bank every month, but two years ago he lost his job and couldn’t afford paying his debt.

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