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Kherson region: frank dialogue between IDPs and authorities
State officials and civil activists discuss issues of integration of IDPs in Kherson region Photo by Serhiy Dyachenko, IPC-Kherson
State officials and civil activists discuss issues of integration of IDPs in Kherson region

Journalists, representatives of authorities, heads of public organizations, people who moved from ATO zone were searching for the answer to the question of how to provide information to IDPs and to establish their communication with the authorities during the round table held on April 5 in Kherson.

The organizer of the event was the newly established public organization "Nadia ye” (“There is a Hope"). The organization brings together the internally displaced persons, who after the occupation of parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions chose Kherson as a new home for themselves and their families. So, they know from their own experience the challenges faced by internally displaced persons, and therefore, invited representatives of various state structures – the State Migration Service, the Department of social protection of the population, the tax inspection for a frank conversation.

The first painful question was related to the process of verification of internally displaced persons and renewal of monthly allowance. Deputy head of the State migration service in Kherson region, head of the Department on citizenship, registration and work with citizens of temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine Dmytro Ivanov reported that until recently the verification of the internally displaced persons were conducted by the Department at random. Since April 3 of this year, according to the Law of Ukraine №1706 "On ensuring rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons" the function of registration of IDPs was referred to the local authorities.

This information was fresh and stirred up the participants. The reason is the Department of social security is being still guided by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 509 "On account of internally displaced persons", according to which the IDP is not valid without the stamp of the state migration service. And is the IDP supposed to do in this situation, when the Law of Ukraine that has already been enacted and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine that has not been changed contradict each other?

The specialist of the Department of public assistance and housing subsidies of the Social Security Department Olena Zhuravlevych advises: anyway to contact the Department with a written application for registration of assistance. And this contradiction will be adjusted in the near future.

During the discussion the founder of the public organization "There is Hope" Serhiy Zhnyvin raised another issue – the efficiency of government employees providing assistance to internally displaced persons:

“Sometimes there is a feeling that while interacting with the officials we have to teach them. And we often hear from officials: why?”

Representatives of the Social Security Department noted that unfortunately, there is the problem of staff turnover, so there is a need to train new specialists. And the cooperation with public organizations has to be build.

The IDPs shared many other issues. How to re-register the private entrepreneur in Kherson region. How can a person that actually lived in ATO zone but has no registration in the passport get social assistance? How to refer a child to a Spa treatment. How to resign from place of work in Luhansk.

In most situations the IDPs pre-verbally appealed to the officials and immediately received an oral refusal.

Therefore, the head of the public reception office, the network coordinator of reception offices of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Natalia Kozarenko provided the recommendation that was accepted by representatives of state structures as well:

“You should not waste your time and energy on oral communication with officials. You need to translate the communication into a written format. To write queries in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On appeals of citizens" and to demand a written reply. In case of refusal to require written reasons for the refusal. Internally displaced persons can be advised by public organizations that provide free legal aid. In particular, the public reception office of Kherson Regional Fund of Mercy and Health”.

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