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Don't panic – payments for IDPs are not canceled!

The Internet exploded with the news that the government totally denies assistance to internally displaced persons.

As reported by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko:

“Only in recent months considering facts provided by the SBU and other law enforcement agencies we have suspended payments for more than 150 thousand people”

The grounds for such decision imply the fight against criminals, "who built complicated criminal schemes on aid to displaced persons".

We can’t judge what this is: a witch hunt or an effective fight against crime. Time will tell. However, lawyers of All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Gorenie" are attacked by dozens of anxious immigrants asking one and the same question: "How can I know if I'm in the "black list"?"

Therefore, lawyers of CF "Gorenie" offer simple and effective steps in case of the IDP to get "under the thumb" of the state system:

1. The main thing is do not panic! Remember that changes in the procedures for calculating payments have not been made. The period of payouts has just begun. So, before you go to the social security authority, please note if you got help in time and in full. If so, no reason to panic. If not - read the paragraph 2.

2. Pavlo Rozenko admitted that the government's action can be wrong: "But mistakes will be fixed”, he said. “We just temporarily suspend payments for a small number of people, according to the SBU". So, if benefits are still delayed or paid not in full, take your passport, higher education certificate and go to the social security authority at the actual place of residence. It is best to make a written request stating whether payment is terminated, and if Yes - for what reason. The query is written in any form. Lawyers who provide free legal aid to help it up.

3. If you already know that you have been suspended payment of benefits, and you have grounds to challenge this decision, contact the lawyers of CF "Gorenie". They will explain in detail - how and what to do to bring back legitimate help.

For any questions, please contact the lawyers of CF "Gorenie" via Skype:
For Dnipropetrovsk: yurist.gorenie.dp
For Zaporizhzhya region: yurist.gorenie.zp
For Donetsk region: yurist.gorenie.dn

Or hotline for all regions: 050 044 56 01.

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