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Emergency volunteer help: critically ill IDP received free medical care

The other day the deaf and dumb displaced person addressed the Center of IDP support and consultations “Station Chuhuiv" at Chuhuiv human rights group. The man needed urgent medical assistance due to the extremely serious disease: palate cancer with metastatic disease and open festering ulcer of lymphocytosis on the neck. The case was actually urgent as each hour counted.

There were people who very quickly responded to a problematic situation. The volunteer of ChHRG, member of Chuhuiv District Council Margaryta Lykhachova, bypassing all bureaucratic procedures, did not hesitate to deal directly with the chief physician of Chuhuiv central district hospital Viacheslav Grushko with a request for help. And she received full support.

Thanks to Viacheslav Grushko Kharkiv Regional Oncology Center appointed treatment to the IDP and the oncologist of Chuhuiv central district hospital Yuri Shypenko wrote out free prescriptions for the purchase of medicines for chemotherapy.

The moment the prescriptions were transferred to Chuhuiv Central District Pharmacy No. 62 (headed by Liliya Borodai), the drugs were immediately ordered and the next morning delivered to the destination.

On February 16 at the "Station Chuhuiv" Kharkiv Regional Charitable Foundation "Social Service of Assistance" gave out food baskets. 40 persons received humanitarian aid and our critically ill IDP was the first to obtain it from the hands of the representative of the Foundation Valeriy Zadorenko. The man was immediately delivered to Kharkiv for hospitalization.

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