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IDP woman from Luhansk presented Dnipropetrovsk with "flying" yoga
Iryna is a yoga master from Luhansk with 10 years' experience Photo by CF “Gorenie”
Iryna is a yoga master from Luhansk with 10 years' experience

Iryna is a yoga master from Luhansk with 10 years' experience and a set of her own programs. Having gone to spiritual travel across Tibet with a suitcase and two hammocks, she never came back home. Now she has a small yoga studio in Dnipropetrovsk that is never empty and provides happiness to guests. This is not just yoga, but the "flying" one. CF "Gorenie" web portal talked to Iryna about events that brought her to Dnipropetrovsk, why she decided to inspire people and why she was grateful to All-Ukrainian charity foundation "Gorenie".

“I was going to fly to Tibet from Donetsk, but the airport was blown up. Then I left from Kiev”, Iryna told. “Once at night I woke up with a strong feeling that I had to leave e hometown urgently, now or never. It happened two weeks prior to my departure. Early in the morning I packed the "Tibetan" suitcase, took two hammocks, tracking sticks and jumped on the train to Kiev. My intuition didn't let me down. I was leaving under a cannonade. Shells were blowing up at the station".

Actually, there was no place to come back from Tibet. Therefore, Iryna stayed at the colleague’s home in Dnipropetrovsk:

“I didn't want to be idle. So, I took two hammocks on the Monastic island or in Shevchenko's park in the morning and did the flying yoga exercises. I invited the interested people. Then I went to the ethnic and cultural festival “Shine”. My flying yoga made success there! I understood that I should open a studio”.

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Trainer during classes. Photo by CF “Gorenie”

Iryna tells that meeting with CF “Gorenie” was pure luck – just at the moment when there was a question how to buy the equipment for the studio.

“My friend told about project of CF “Gorenie” aimed to provide grants for business development. I came to the office and offered: "I will conduct yoga classes in hammocks", and they replied: "Oh, cool, it’s something absolutely new!" I registered for the business seminar, learnt a lot of things there. Then I wrote the business plan. Soon representatives of CF wanted to see my yoga. I invited them to the park. They came and appreciated it much. So, I received the maximum grant! Quickly and without problems”.

Iryna bought hammocks and rugs for this money I. The hall was provided by her friend: "There are already 3 groups, individual classes. Trainees are full of an exciting feeling of flying. Especially, at such a small price".

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Flying yoga classes gathered three groups. Photo by CF “Gorenie”

There appeared a new resident - a cat in the studio. During classes it enters the hall, examines its “domain” and runs to guests to purr or just to take a nap nearby.

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Though the cat does not fly, in its own way it participates in classes. Photo by CF “Gorenie”

“The kind house - kind inhabitants”, Iryna laughs.

The Danish Refugee Council and All-Ukrainian charity foundation "Gorenie" continue to provide support to the development of business for internally displaced persons and permanent residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region, whose families suffered from the conflict.

To participate in the grant program please call CF “Gorenie” hotline phone numbers: 050044 56 01, 066 867 84 99. Or you can come to the office at the following address: 71 Karl Marx St., office 15, Dnipropetrovsk. Visiting hours: on weekdays from 9.00 till 17.00. There is Law Community Center at CF “Gorenie”.

P.S. Community Law Centers are created and work in the framework of the "Legal aid to the poor and vulnerable groups” Initiative with the financial support of “Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on LegalSpace website.

The opinion of the International Renaissance Foundation cannot coincide with the point of view of authors of publication.

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