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Lawyers helped the IDP prove the status of the unemployed

In July 2017, an IDP attended the joint reception by specialists from the Chuhuiv local center for free secondary legal aid and the Chuhuiv Human Rights Protection Group. The local employment center refused to give the man the status of the unemployed motivating by the fact that the labor book did not have marks about the dismissal of an enterprise that remained in the temporarily uncontrolled territory.

Georgii Galkin* asked lawyers to clarify the situation and help.

The man learned that, according to Part 4 of Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons", an internally displaced person, who has not resigned from work (did not stop another type of employment), in case of impossibility to continue work at the previous place of residence, to obtain the status of the unemployed person and receive unemployment benefits and social services for compulsory state social insurance in case of unemployment may terminate the employment relationship by providing a notarized written application for the termination by the employee of the labor relations. With the confirmation that this statement was sent by such a citizen to the employer by a letter of intent (with a description of the application attached).

However, in the event of the termination of the acceptance of postal items to/from the territory of the administrative-territorial unit from which the internal movement is carried out, in connection with the circumstances specified in Article 1 of this Law (as a result, or in order to avoid the negative consequences of an armed conflict, temporary occupation, widespread manifestations of violence, human rights violations), such an application is to be submitted to the relevant district, city, city, district, city center employment of the place of residence of the internally displaced person.

Lawyers helped the man make a statement on the termination of labor relations, notarially certify it and submit it to the Chuhuiv city-center employment center.

After that, Georgii Galkin managed to register with the Employment Center, received the status of the unemployed, and began to receive unemployment benefits.

*The name has been changed for ethical reasons.

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