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Roma should be seen as a powerful force, not as a problem

Special "Roma" chambers in hospitals. Failure to feed the Roma patients if they have no own dishes. The question of national identity on the surgical table. Special “Roma” classes in schools. The refusal to accept children in the day care group just because they're Roma. It's not all egregious examples of discrimination on a national basis, given the human rights defenders on December 9 in Kyiv during the meeting "Approaches to the integration and protection of the Roma rights with the participation of SGBs and NGOs".

Gnat Tyrpak: “Being the Rom Baro is a calling. It can't be taught”

How the Roma differ from other nationalities, why parents are more responsible for education of their children than the state and why it is incorrect to call the Roma leader “Baro”... The Roma mediator of ICF “Chiricli”, the chairman of the Transcarpathian cultural-educational society “Romani Jag" (Perechin) Gnat TYRPAK answers the above questions asked by the journalist of the Roma Woman Fund “Chiricli”. Gnat is the first person in the gallery of interesting personalities of the heading “The Portrait of Successful Roma”.

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