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Ukrainian passports – just in time till retirement (updated)

Congratulations to the employees of Uzhgorod Law Community Centre with another legal victory! In early October we told that a 61-year-old resident of the Roma settlement came there with a request to help make his identity document. This laudable desire was accompanied by a rather interesting fact: until retirement he lived without a passport of citizen of Ukraine. And finally, Ernest Bukov has for the first time in his life a Ukrainian passport and pension payments.

Together from office to office: legal aid to residents of Roma settlements

Social exclusion of the residents of Roma settlements, fears of being neglected through ethnicity, poverty or illiteracy very often lead to the fact that people are unable to solve even seemingly simple questions. Especially those that require "wondering" around the bureaucratic offices. This is confirmed by the following two examples from the practice of the Law Community Center at Zakarpattya Roma NGO "Romani Cherhen", Uzhgorod.

Almost ideal conditions for detained soldiers created in Uzhgorod guardhouse

On June 1, 2016 the monitoring group consisted of the regional communications coordinator of the Ombudsman in the Transcarpathian region Oleg Grygoriev and independent public monitors of the national preventive mechanism Larysa Romaniuk and Natalia Kozyr checked how human rights in penitentiaries and pre-trial detention of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – the guardhouse in the Uzhgorod zone Department of the Military Service of Law and Order of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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