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Together from office to office: legal aid to residents of Roma settlements

Social exclusion of the residents of Roma settlements, fears of being neglected through ethnicity, poverty or illiteracy very often lead to the fact that people are unable to solve even seemingly simple questions. Especially those that require "wondering" around the bureaucratic offices. This is confirmed by the following two examples from the practice of the Law Community Center at Zakarpattya Roma NGO "Romani Cherhen", Uzhgorod.

Passports for Roma: first certification at age of 36. Daughter and grandson next in line

Recently Legal Space published the story of the Roma family from Uzhgorod, three generations of women of which lived without papers. Lawyers of LCC at the Transcarpathian regional youth Roma Association "Romani Cherhen” decided to help them issue passports. Although this case was rather complicated and lasted about 5 months, the efforts of human rights activists were not in vain.

Uzhgorod: Roma little students won’t remain hungry

On the New Year’s Eve Ukrainian parents heard the unpleasant news that in 2016 students of secondary schools will not have meals. Education institutions of Uzhgorod were not an exception. Junior students of Roma schools occurred in the risk zone. Due to efforts of the community the situation is settled in favor of kids: the cost of meals will be compensated from the city budget.

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